What Are the Myths and What Are the Facts When it Comes to Orthodontic Treatment?

The reality is that most people out there have false ideas and thoughts when it comes to orthodontic treatment because they have based their opinions on myths rather than the facts. The whole purpose of this article is to distinguish between the myths and the facts so you can be better informed :)

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Myth Number 1: You Only Need an Orthodontist If Your Teeth Are Severely Crooked!

Crooked TeethFact Number 1: The reality is that orthodontists can and do treat both simple and complicated cases. They go through on average about 10 years of education which enables them to distinguish between simple and complicated issues, and then provide the correct treatment.

Because of their education and years of experience, they know exactly what to do no matter how crooked the patients teeth may be!

Myth Number 2: Your Local Dentist Can Align Your Teeth As Quickly and as Easily as Any Orthodontist

Scary_DentistFact Number 2: The reality is that your dentist has only been to dental school whereas your orthodontist has not only gone to dental school, but has had to go through years of additional training to get the knowledge and expertise required to help align your teeth perfectly and safely!

Orthodontists have to go through 3 or more years of additional education and training from an accredited institution of orthodontics!

Dentistry is a very broad subject, whereas orthodontics is a small speciality where the individual who masters it focuses specifically on learning everything there is to know about straightening teeth and correcting bite problems.

Your local family dentist will only see maybe a couple of minor cases to do with straightening teeth a year, but your orthodontist may see 100’s every single year! You tell me… which professional would you rather have working on your teeth?

Because orthodontists are in the business of straitening teeth, they are aware of all the latest technological developments in the industry which ultimately means that their patients are always going to be getting the absolute best treatment possible.

Orthodontists have deep knowledge about things like braces, retainers and Invisalign aligners… a lot more than your local dentist would have.

Of course over the years as orthodontists get more and more experience, they not only increase their expertise, but they also increase their knowledge through taking new courses to get them up to speed with the latest developments and best practices.

Myth Number 3: Braces Are For Kids Only

Fact Number 3: Obviously this is a massive misconception. While the vast majority of the patients that get braces are indeed kids, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t get orthodontic treatment to straighten out their teeth.

These days you are going to find that almost 20% of the people that get braces are in fact adults!

Myth Number 4: If there is a massive magnet above a person with braces then they will automatically be pulled and get stuck to the magnet because of their braces.

Fact Number 4: You’ll be glad to know that this is a just a funny myth and the reality is that the materials that are used in your braces these days are completely non-magnetic. Therefore if this unlikely scenario was to ever occur, you’d be completely safe. Heck, when did you ever hear of a giant magnet going around over people!

Myth Number 5: Braces are very, very painful and you’re going to have to wear them for years and years.

painful bracesFact Number 5: The reality is that once you go through the adjustment phase then you’ll barely notice that they are even there. How long you’re going to have to wear the braces varies from case to case. Some have to wear them for years but many for only a few months at most.

Myth Number 6: You will be able to connect to the Internet wherever you are using signals from your braces!

Fact Number 6: Now this would be a dream come true but the reality is a little different! Unfortunately this isn’t possible just yet but who knows maybe sometime in the near future.

Myth Number 7: Braces look terrible and everyone will notice them and laugh when you are out and about or in an important meeting.

ugly bracesFact Number 7: No longer do we live in a time where you are going to have to get metal braces. The reality is that these days you have the option of getting clear ceramic braces which make them literally almost invisible to the naked eye! In fact one of the latest advances in modern orthodontics is that you do have the option to get braces that are placed on the insides of your teeth so nobody will ever know you are getting your teeth straightened!

Myth Number 8: Any local dentist can become a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Fact Number 8: The reality is a little different, in that only a fully qualified orthodontist can actually become a member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Myth Number 9: Only people who are vain get braces.

vanityFact Number 9: While getting braces does perfect an individual’s smile, the reality is that it also helps to improve the alignment of the teeth and correct bite issues, which inevitably improve the overal health of the mouth.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Getting Braces?

The reality is that every single person out there wants to get a beautiful smile and the great thing about modern orthodontics is that it is easier than ever to get one!

But please keep in mind that there are far more benefits to wearing braces than just getting straight teeth. In addition to the obvious cosmetic benefits you are going to experience a wealth of oral health benefits too!

> Chances of You Experiencing Tooth Decay or Gum Disease Will be Radically Reduced

tooth decayThe truth is that the problem with crooked teeth aside from looking terrible is that some of them may overlap one another which can result in tight spaces occurring.

This makes it incredibly hard to brush and floss properly which results in bacteria and plaque slowly but surely building up over time, which inevitably causes problems like tooth decay and gum disease!

Getting braces from an orthodontist like Daniel Bekish will help to get the alignment of your teeth perfect which will mean that you’ll be able to get to all the spaces between your teeth when you floss, therefore being able to get rid of the bacteria and plaque very easily.

> No More Speech Problems!

speech problemsNaturally, your teeth play a massive role in the way that you sound when you speak. If you have crooked teeth then this is going to effect the way that you speak and the way that you sound, which will make you look ridiculous in front of people!

Again getting orthodontic treatment will mean that your teeth will get into perfect alignment which will massively improve the way you speak and the way that you sound!

> Say Goodbye to Bone Erosion

If you have crooked teeth with some gaps in-between then you are going to find that your gums and bone will slowly but surely begin to erode away.

But if you get braces then the chances of your bones and gums eroding away are radically reduced because you will have a perfect set of beautifully aligned teeth.

> No More Digestion Issues

digestion problemsYou need to appreciate that your teeth play a massive role in how well your food is digested into your body. Obviously before food gets to your stomach it has already been partly digested by you munching on it using your teeth.

However if you have really crooked teeth then your teeth are just not going to be breaking your food down as efficiently and as effectively as is possible.

Again if you get orthodontic treatment then you will be able to get your teeth into the perfect alignment which will enable you to break your food down in the most optimal manner!

Trust me, when I say that getting braces is one of the best decisions that you are ever going to make. The process is just a few years at most depending on how terrible your teeth are right now, but then you are going to be able to live the rest of your life with a beautiful set of teeth!

How Braces Evolved Over Time

You might not realise this but people have been wanting to improve how their smiles look since ancient times.

The great thing about living in modern times is that anybody, literally anybody has the ability to improve their smiles in a very simple and effective manner… all thanks to the developments of modern technology. Here in this article we’re going to show you that it wasn’t always this easy and simple.

1. Braces in Ancient Greece and Rome

Braces in Ancient RomeIf you look at history then you’ll find that there were people as famous as Aristotle who were busy thinking of ways to help people straighten their teeth all the way back in 300 BC.

If you look into the history of Ancient Rome then you will find that they used to bury their dead with appliances that were made to help maintain people’s jaws and teeth when they were alive. In fact there have been many remains that have been found where people have bands made from metal around their teeth.

There was actually a case where an archeologist found a body which had gold wire attached to the teeth. Surprisingly along with the body was some documentation which showed that the purpose of the wires was to straighten out the teeth!

2. 18th Century France

Braces in the 18th CenturyBack in the early 18th century there was a french dentist (who is thought of as the father of modern dentistry) who wrote a book which detailed many different methods to help people straighten out their teeth. In fact he even created something known as a blandeau to help widen up the upper palate of the mouth.

There was another french dentist who wrote a book in the mid 18th century, which discussed the topic of correcting tooth alignment. He went into great detail about the topic of tooth extraction to help people overcome the issue of tooth crowding!

3. Orthodontics in the 19th Century

Braces in the 19th CenturyOrthodontics first became a recognised speciality in the 19th century. 1819 was the first year that metal wires were actually used to help people correct their crooked teeth.

It was around this time that all sort of materials were used like gold, silver, steel, rubber, and even wood, ivory, and copper to create things like loops, spurs, and ligatures… all to help straighten out those teeth!

E J Tucker was the first guy to make rubber bands specifically for braces back in the 1850’s.

It was a guy named JN Farrar (a dentist) who first encouraged the idea to use a small amount of force, over a sustained period of time to help people fix the alignment of their teeth.

4. Orthodontics in the 20th Century

Braces in the 20th CenturyA dentist by the name of Edward Angle was the first dentist to create the modern systems for correcting crooked teeth and bad bite that orthodontists still use to this day. He was also the guy that founded what is today known as the American Association of Orthodontics back in 1901.

It was around the 1960s when orthodontists completely stopped using gold in their treatment of correcting teeth and instead opted for stainless steel.

The first invisible braces to be created were actually lingual braces. Those are the braces that were placed in the insides of people’s teeth. However when ceramic braces came out in the early 80’s people preferred them because not only were they invisible but they were a lot more effective.

5. Braces in the Modern Day

Braces in the Modern DayWell, the truth is you only really have to look at your own braces to see how much progress we’ve made when it comes to orthodontics. Using modern technology your orthodontist probably created 3D models of your mouth and then created custom archwires based off the model that was made.

Some of the modern advancements include things like clear aligners (Invisalign, anyone?), self litigating brackets, ceramic (clear) brackets, and even heat activated wires!

Orthodontics has come a massive way since the times of Ancient Rome and Greece…. and massive progress has been made over the last few decades. Just imagine having to lug around that ugly headgear if you wanted straight teeth!

No matter how crooked your teeth are or what kind of treatment you’re going to have to go through, the reality is that modern advancements have made getting that perfect smile more easier than ever before in history!

This is a cool little video that goes into the history of orthodontics and how it evolved over the last few centuries…